Johnny Marr interview

Johnny Marr

Listeners and readers of my work might have worked out I had a bit of a Smiths obsession when I was younger. I think they remain a crucial rite of passage for most intelligent, sensitive teenagers of good taste. Indeed, I had a weird moment recently when revisiting Perth and I witnessed a group of 15-year-olds strutting down the street, with Boy With The Thorn In His Side blaring out from a shoulder-slung ghetto blaster. While I was glad The Smiths are still relevant to today's teens, this actually put me out a little. Even though I was five when The Smiths formed and, if I'm honest, discovered them off the back of Suede, they felt like my band. How dare these young pups try to claim them for themselves?

This week, I was fortunate enough to interview Johnny Marr (guitarist for The Smiths) for The New Daily. I mentioned my strange reaction to seeing those kids and he said: 

"That’s good, man. That probably says more about you than it does about them. To be of a certain age and to still be able to feel put out by some part of culture, your idealism must still be alive somewhere. I think that’s worth fighting for."


I'd like to think he was right. I'm 36 now, but I think those teenage passions are still burning. Might explain the lure of YA fiction, I suppose.


That part didn't make it into the interview (I hate it when interviewers shove themselves too obtrusively into a tale) but you can read the full interview here:


Johnny Marr interview.