Salmon and Dusk: The Music

Salmon and Dusk framed

I'm occasionally asked about the score for the Salmon and Dusk podcasts, so thought I'd put together a quick post for easy reference. The instrumental tracks I used for Season 1 (not the original How to Disappear Completely podcast) were, with a few exceptions, taken from an album called Abandoned Soundtrack by XeMa.

Happily the album is still freely available on the web. You might find it at either of these links:


If you like the music, do let the artist know - and feel free to mention where you first heard it!

For the record, the Salmon and Dusk theme music is a track called Tribute by Dilvie.

Dilvie: Tribute

I gave it a slight remix for Season 1.

Any other music-related queries?


Music related

Hi my names Courtney, I was wondering since you're a writer and seem to like music, do you write it? I do and I was wondering if you do where you get your inspiration from? 

Thanks :)

Hi Courtney,I have written

Hi Courtney,

I have written songs, some of which may still be clogging up some corner of the internet somewhere, but I've never really been a musician. Words have always been my thing, although I'm very envious of people with a gift for writing music. When I was writing songs, I suppose it was the usual things that inspired me -- longing, heartbreak, anger... 

As a writer, music inspires me more than anything else. I've actually written about this for the Inside A Dog blog here:


Thanks for your question!





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Oh, I see.. So they were

Oh, I see.. So they were actually from Salmon and Dusk’s. I personally loved those tracks very much and for a moment I thought that, how you managed to make them. Any way, it was glad to know the truth. OmniTech Support scam