The (not-so secret) agent!



Big news this week — I have an agent!


I’ve signed with Barry Goldblatt at BG Literary, New York. Barry has some amazing clients on his list, including Libba Bray and Holly Black, so I’m delighted he’s found a place for me. We’ve talked about a couple of projects I have lined up (one of them may well be Salmon & Dusk related) and I feel that Barry really understands what I’m trying to do with them. I’d love to elaborate, but I should probably wait until they're actually written.


It’s slightly unusual (I’m told) for an Australian author to find themselves an agent — especially when they already have a wonderful publisher, as I do with Text Publishing — but it’s been a long-held ambition of mine, so I’m very happy Barry has taken me on. I look forward to revealing the fruits of our collaboration in the months ahead.






That is great news. Congratulations Myke.

Thanks Jason!

Thanks Jason!

Just Remember

So, Myke, congratulations and all, but the thing I worriy most about is will you remember me when you're rich and famous?  Ah, come to mention it, you remember me know - right?  Your BFF from Northern Calif.?  I'm degrading myself - again - aren't I....

Strong work, mate, and keep us posted!

Never forget!

Thanks Craig! I'm very excited. Happy to say the old grey matter is as yet unaffected. Hoping to have some S & D news in the not-too-distant...


I am sure Libba Bray and Holly Black are having a very good time discussing on the projects that Mike is lining up. Though it is pretty difficult to club up agents from the Australian community, once you get it, never lose them.,


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