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New SALMON & DUSK tale on Twitter

Kilbey twitter

Never let it be said I don't enjoy a bit of playing around with new(ish) media. Starting tomorrow, Wed 28th of April, Kilbey will be tweeting his unique take on a brand new story, THE LOST FORTNIGHT. To follow the tale, which will begin by running at 3-4 tweets a day, you'll need to follow Kilbey at

Tune in tomorrow for more!

Journalism Blog updated - at last!

Democratic Daleks!

My journalism blog Is It Wicked Not to Care? has been updated after a four month hiatus. For those of you who haven't checked it out before, the blog is essentially for people who find it hard to care about current affairs - particularly when most news and current affairs coverage is, frankly, a bit rubbish. Some older posts are now available to peruse on this site here.

This week's entry covers the UK election, late trains and disappointing Daleks. What's not to like?

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PS. If you haven't already, you can find my twitterings here.

Emerging Writers Festival

Some exciting news - I'll be taking part in the opening night of Melbourne's Emerging Writers Festival. The program went online this morning and tickets are now available.

Here are the crucial details:

The First Word
Date: Friday 21 May, doors open 7.30pm for an 8pm start

The First Word is …
A celebration of writing, writers and the word.
A night of performance, comedy, spoken word, burlesque, music and poetry.
The official opening of the 7th Emerging Writers’ Festival.

The First Word is …
The Call to Arms – the Emerging Writers’ Festival’s unique keynote address, this year delivered by romantic fiction writer Toni Jordan.
Top writers battling for supremacy in our 2 Sides of the Coin debate asking, Love Vs Angst — what makes a better writer?

Featuring — Myke Bartlett, Josh Earl, Amy Espeseth, Toni Jordan, Alison Mann, Michaela McGuire, Kate Mclennan, Craig Schuftan, Michael Williams and more.

The festival bar will be in operation!

Venue: BMW Edge Theatre, Federation Square
Prices: Tickets $20 full / $10 concession
Bookings: Buy tickets now

This has been in the works for some time, but I was waiting for the program to be launched before saying anything about it. The prospect of reading on stage is currently 60% thrilling, 35% terrifying and 5% unidentified dread. Of course, I'll also need to decide what to read...

I'll most likely be performing an extract from Salmon & Dusk, which will mark their first appearance before a live audience. (Not that many unalive people listen to the podcasts, but you know what I mean...) If you're in the area, I encourage you to buy your tickets and come along to say hello!

The Finale Cometh...


Finale promo


‘It ain’t just the cab that’s falling apart, look. The map is burning out. We’ll be lucky to make it back in one piece,’ Nero told Kilbey, who refused to be troubled.

‘We always make it back in one piece.’

‘The one time we don’t, you’ll stop saying that.’




Photo by MSH*

SALMON AND DUSK: Blue Valentine (Chapter Two)



Kilbey is missing, presumed kidnapped.

Nero goes trawling the Fallen for clues, while Theo has to decide if rushing to the rescue will give her badly-behaved boyfriend the wrong idea.



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SALMON AND DUSK: Blue Valentine (Chapter One FIXED)

Some of you have been kind enough to let me know I left in a stray audio track when I was making a quick edit to BLUE VALENTINE last night, cheers! Was clearly trying to do too many things at once.

The audio has now been fixed and is ready to download from the same link as last time - or directly from the feed, if you'd like to download the file again.

Otherwise, it's here:




The SALMON AND DUSK page has been updated with two new profiles, offering a little background to the latest story.

Check them out HERE.

SALMON AND DUSK: Blue Valentine (Chapter One)

Blue Valentine Chapter 1 pic

An old flame from Kilbey's past returns with suspiciously tempting offer. Theo puts her foot down, but if there's one thing Kilbey can't resist, it's... actually, there are plenty of things Kilbey can't resist.

But can Violet be trusted? And how much trouble is Kilbey in if she can't?



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Art by Victor Wycoco


The Contradictory Miss Violet

Violet crop

Keen-eared listeners will notice that tonight's episode of SALMON & DUSK is the first to directly contradict the podcasted version of HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY.

How can this be? I hear you ask.

Oh, really? No-one asked?

Well, let me explain anyway.

The current season of SALMON & DUSK is based on the final draft of HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY, which I'll admit is a little unfair, since very few people (thus far) have read that draft. My thinking in this is, I don't want to have to rewrite a second bunch of stories when the new draft of the original finally launches (in whatever form that is.) Also, the latest draft is the clearest expression of what I really want to do with the series, so it makes sense for me to base any new stories on that version.

The drafting process has been a long and rather torturous adventure and there have been casualties along the way. Theo's surname, for one thing - although I have days when I still waver on that one. Another has been a whole subplot in which we meet Violet, who has a rather special (at least, she thinks so) connection with Kilbey.

Violet played a small but vital role in the original novel and, indeed, continued to do right up until, ooh, January this year, when she was finally excised. To be honest, I only held on to her as long as I did as I quite liked the character and Victor had done a couple of smashing illustrations of her. But, sadly, she's gone.

Or that was the plan.

When I put aside the intended Story 4 (for reasons too complex to go into here), she came back with a story in tow. And, I thought, it made sense to reintroduce her, given that I wanted this season to be a "fresh start" for anyone who hasn't listened to the first book. I did consider creating a similar character, but then I thought again of those illustrations and, frankly, I don't like to throw anything away.

Hope you can forgive this act of authorial vandalism. Of course, with history gone, there's no saying that a few vital things about our world have changed without anyone noticing. Don't be surprised if we hear more in that line when Season 2 comes around...






Yesterday Came Too Soon Card


The fourth in a new series of adventures for Salmon & Dusk.

On a boozy night out, Theo thinks she's made a new friend. Instead, it quickly becomes clear she's helped an old friend of Kilbey's find him.

Violet has a job for Salmon and Dusk, one Kilbey may find hard to resist, even if it spells disaster for his relationship with Theo.

But what does any of this have to do with a bunch of hyacinths and a grave in Highgate cemetery?


BLUE VALENTINE is a two episode story in the ongoing SALMON & DUSK series.